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THORNBRIDGE『Theatrical Masterpiece』 国内盤

RELEASE Apr.24.2019

アルバム収録の『Revelation』には、BrainstormのAndy B. Franck
『Journey To The Other Side』には、Rhapsody Of FireのRoberto De Micheliが参加。

1. Take To The Oars
2. Theatrical Masterpiece
3. Keeper Of The Royal Treasure
4. Revelation
5. Demon In Your Heart
6. Journey To The Other Side
7. Ember In The Winter Grove
8. Trace Of Destruction
9. The Helmsman
10. Set The Sails
11. The Dragon’s Sleeping

RADC-123 2019年4月24日 本体¥1,700+税8%
JAN  4580625820246

発売:爆音!BAKU-ON.ca / RADTONE MUSIC / Massacre Records

Jörg “Mo” Naneder:Vocals/Guitars
Patrick “Pat” Rogalski:Guitars/Vocals
Patrick “burghi” Burghard:Bass/Vocals
Maximilian “Lucky” Glück:Drums