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★STAR GUiTAR『Special Ordinary』

RELEASE Apr.12.2017

ダンス・ミュージックの歴史を塗り替え続けてきた時代の寵児”★STAR GUiTAR”!
昨年リリースされた“歌モノ・ベスト”「HERE AND THERE」に続き

01. Live feat. Hidetake Takayama
02. forgive feat. re:plus
03. Changing The Same
04. echoes feat. H ZETT M
05. Calling feat. Hiroko Sebu
06. Future – Find me if you can
07. The Curtain Rises feat. fox capture plan
08. Nothing Gonna Change My World feat. Schroeder-Headz
09. Something New feat. Still Caravan
10. Moments Of Clarity -Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring
11. Be The Change You Wish
12. Butterfly Effect feat. Hidetake Takayama
13. oK
14. Will feat. Chieko Kikuchi (KAGERO)
15. Rise in revolt feat. MELTEN (JABBERLOOP, fox capture plan) reconstruction

品番:CSMC-029 / 価格:¥2,000(税抜)

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